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British & French Work Horses

I was fortunate enough to be invited out to Chertsey by Emma Burrell to visit with her two horses Tamise and Heather.  These are work horses in the truest sense as Emma has a company by the name of Surrey Hills Carriage Company, where she hires her two beautiful horses out with carriage for weddings and special occasions.


Heather is the grey horse as shown below and is a 6 year old British Bred Percheron. She is being trained to work as a carriage and logging horse,  weighs in about 800kgs and stands 17hh.

She was ‘rescued’ from a field in Cornwall as her owner had died an the family couldn’t keep her any longer. She was a little neglected for 6 months so came with farriery issues from very overgrown hooves and had never seen a grooming brush in her life.

The harness she wore is American Armish designed, know as ‘New England D-ring Harness’ and the collar is Canadian.


Tamise has a red mahogany coat  and is an 8 year old French bred Traits Comtois,  She is one of only about 100 in the UK.   She also does timber extraction and ploughing, weighs in around 700kgs and stands 16.2hh.

She was purchased by Emma as a three year old in 2010 and is used for all her commercial carriage work and for teaching people to carriage drive.

The harness worn is English Cart Harness. The pad was dated to Victorian times. The ‘Our Monty’ brass was made after WW2 to commemorate General Montgommery.


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