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Cinema Magic with The Little Tramp

The Cinema Museum is a must see for Londoners as it’s a cultural gem on your doorstep.

Focussing on cinema going back to 1890’s to present day, the Museum houses a unique collection of artefacts, memorabilia and equipment that preserves the history and grandeur of cinema from the 1890s to the present day.  As soon as you step through the door you are absorbing the rich history of cinema that has enriched all our lives.  This is a real treasure trove for those that remember movies being shown on actual film format.  Stars of the screen welcome you as you enter.

I was lucky enough to capture a knockout performance of The Little Tramp about the life of Charlie Chaplin that would have graced the West End.  It was written by award-winning playwright Gillian Plowman and co-created by Pamela Howard OBE, Chris Butler and Gillian Plowman.  Ryan Moss played the young Chaplin whilst David Flint played a slightly older Chaplin.

If you haven’t been to the Cinema Museum as yet, check out what events are on here.  More events from the Cinema Museum to follow shortly.

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