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Corporate including Headshots

Philip Moran Corporate Photography

Should you wish for corporate photographs, including office premises and headshots of your key staff that provides a professional look with personality,   Philip can certainly deliver.

The key to getting the shot that you are looking for is getting the personality of the sitter to come through.  Posing for photographs, especially in an environment that is staged can feel awkward for even the most experienced of us, therefore creating a comfortable setting is really important.

Philip is an affable and confident person that can walk the sitter through the photo shoot experience and can suggest suitable posing positions, sharing images caught throughout the process so the person being photographed can understand how they are being captured and therefore are able to adapt through the session to put their best side forward.

However more than anything, having some enjoyment and fun through the photo session ensures that the sitter looks relaxed, confident and happy.

Philip Moran Corporate Photography

Philip Moran Corporate PhotographyPhilip Moran Corporate Photography












In addition, the office environment can be pictured providing context from where your business is conducted.  This is your workplace so your input is encouraged with Philip on hand to give suggestions based on his experience.

Get in touch with Philip so he can understand what you are looking to achieve, agree on a suitable time to visit as well as confirming on a very competitive charge.

Philip Moran Corporate Photography

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality”

Alfred Steiglitz