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Easy way to learn how to take a picture

Everyone has a camera these days be it a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DLSR), compact, GoPro or your iPhone. With better technology, the results received on taking a picture on an automatic setting is better than before. However, to capture an image such as a speeding bike caught against a blurred background, a building caught in low light or a portrait where your muse is not somewhat blurred, requires you to be brave and take the step to the AV (aperture priority), TV (shutter priority) or the whole hog, the ‘M’ (Manual) mode.

Essentially, what you are looking to do is control the amount of light the camera ‘sees’ when you open the shutter, that suits the given circumstance.

As a common example, people often take blurry portraits where the subject has slightly moved. This indicates that the shutter speed is too slow as it captured movement. In this case, the answer is to increase the shutter speed but in doing so, there is less time for the required amount of light to hit the camera sensor. To allow for the increased shutter speed, we therefore can change the ISO (sensor sensitivity) or aperture (depth of field).

Starting off, this can be a little daunting, especially when you are trying to take a picture quickly but it really is quite easy and once understood, you will be able to change settings effortlessly on the move.

There are hundreds to webpages and books on this subject as it is key to the start of the journey to better photography but one of the easiest to understand and fun is the Canon Learn website where you can play with capturing your own image online.

Click here or on the image below to get to the Canon site. Happy snapping!

Canon Learn Link

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