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First impressions matter on LinkedIn


The job recruitment market has changed in recent times with LinkedIn having a large part to play in getting you noticed.  Research by LinkedIn shows that profiles are 11 times more likely to be viewed if you have a picture.  Your skills, experience, interests and personality all can come through in your written profile but that means someone taking the time to read it.  If your image is not cutting the mustard, like Tinder, you might be swiped left into oblivion leaving roles to less experienced but better presented competitors.

Therefore what should you consider when putting up a LinkedIn image?

  1. Make it professional – it’s not a dating site
  2. Focus on the face – we want to see what you look like
  3. Keep it simple.  No images of your cats or Peruvian lamas in the background
  4. Dress appropriately – as you would for the role
  5. Smile … but not too much
  6. Think how to appear warm , friendly and approachable
  7. Take several changes of clothes and mix and match.  Get the most from your session

It is recommended by LinkedIn that a professional photographer is hired to capture your best side.  Photographs taken by your mum, although special to her, might not capture the image that you want to present to the world at large.

A professional photographer’s role is not just about getting the lighting right but also to provide guidance to the model as we are not all Cara Delevingne or David Gandy in the studio.  Suggestions and tips are given by the photographer on poses; for example how to avoid a double chin, getting the sitter to feel relaxed in front of the camera, sharing images with the subject as they are caught to allow for a better understanding of how they translate on camera.  Above all, it is about enjoying the shoot as this comes through on final images captured.

Get in touch with me and I’ll walk you through an easy process to get the professional images you are looking for.

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