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Heights of London Photowalk

London is a wonderful city and what better way to see it than from above. 

Leading with Eat.Sleep.Shoot Meetup Group, we undertook a photowalk starting at Westminster Cathedral, going to Monument before finishing at Tower Bridge.  This was an excellent opportunity to grab your camera to capture iconic architecture of the city as well as being able to explore London’s rich history.

Westminster Cathedral is the mother church of the Catholic Church in England & Wales.  It has an excellent view of London on 4 sides of the 64 metre tower with a lift to take up to the top and admission is only £6.  The church itself is a neo-Byzantine style with stunning mosaics.  It also featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Foreign Correspondent’ in which a retired assassin by the name of Rowley plummets from the tower.

Monument is more well known to Londoners as commemorating the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire starting on Sunday 2nd September 1666 and finally extinguished on Wednesday 5th September.  Sir Christopher Wren, Surveyor General to King Charles II and the architect of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and his friend and colleague, Dr Robert Hooke, provided a design for a colossal.  The tower is 61 metres high and has 311 steps to the top so strong legs are required.

Tower Bridge Experience was the final destination after a walk along the Thames.  Two high level walkways with glass floors 42 metres high above the Thames await.  In addition there is rich information about building of Tower Bridge between 1886 – 1894.  Originally, the high-level open air walkways between the towers gained an unpleasant reputation as a haunt for prostitutes and pickpockets; as they were only accessible by stairs they were seldom used by regular pedestrians, and were closed in 1910. 


More walks planned by Eat.Sleep.Shoot coming soon!

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