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Meetup and reasons to get out and photograph

One of the biggest things for a photographer to think about is what to photograph next.  What to capture that I haven’t caught before.  Living in London provides a wide scope of opportunities to get out and see new and exciting activities but even then, sometimes it leads to a head scratch asking, what next?

If you are one of those that needs a little hand with inspirational reasons to get out the door, Meetup can provide all the inspiration you need.  Specifically photographic Meetups but whether you are into astronomy, astrology, gastronomy or gnoseology there is something for everyone.

So if you haven’t done before, what’s the first steps?

  1. Go to
  2. Search Meetup groups within a defined area
  3. Find a Meetup group or groups that suits what you might like
  4. Sign up to the group & join one of their Meetup dates
  5. Go!

So who goes to photography Meetups? .. simple answer is anyone and everyone.  Different ages, genders, races, religions, big people, small people, fat, thin, funny, interesting and boring, they are all there.  However they are all there with a common interest so getting along with each other straight away is pretty easy.

I belong to a number of Meetup groups and here is a small introduction to what each does

Everything Interesting happens at Night

Led by Justin who is interested in all things to do with night-time photography.  A geriatric doctor by trade but by night he leads intrepid explorers on journeys around London that may include part or all through the night.  For night owls only.

Night-time staircase

Simple Street Photography

Led by Steph Blackley who took over from Chantal Guevara (still involved) and has fellow organisers Tops and Gary and each has their own group speciality.  Meetups have ranged from capturing sporting events, ballet dancers in urban environments, plenty of London based photography as well as trips to Dungeness.

Ballet on the beach

Perspective Photography (Guildford)

A Guildford based group however their footprint is wide in terms of geographical distance and also remit for projects.  Wonderful gardens feature which are rarities that wouldn’t otherwise be found to secret nuclear bunkers in the Essex countryside.  All led by Sheenagh McLaren.


Photographic Meetups give you the opportunity to explore and experience things that you would not otherwise know about.  They allow you to push your current photographic abilities.  They are led by very welcoming organisers who put in quite some effort and also, most Meetups are done for very little cost (£3 for most).  Finally a great opportunity to meet people from all walks of life with a similar interest in photography where we can all learn from each other.

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