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The Equestrian Photography Tour

The weather has warmed and therefore the 2015 Equestrian Photography Tour of Philip Moran and his camera has started.  Fortunately the tour encompasses the Home Counties so not too far to venture from home.  Thus far it has taken in  Sittingbourne in Kent and Salisbury in Wiltshire where Cobs have been the stars of the show.

To start with, I visited Suki who allowed me to photograph Moses, a gypsy Cob.  At first I thought he was going to be rather docile but he was full of energy once allowed out free (with a bit of occasional gentle persuasion from Suki).  Stunning flowing hair on the mane and feet which really created additional impact of speed and vitality.  Also, Moses had an aquamarine eye colour which was a stunning contrast to his brown and white coat.  Moses was very relaxed for the camera and I think he liked to put his best side forward.

Philip Moran Equestrian PhotographyPhilip Moran Photography of Moses

Then off to Salisbury in Wiltshire to visit Rachel and Madison.  Madison was a proper lady and had great poise and elegance and liked to run at a very good pace.  Also joining was Mikey (and occasionally George) who was a more traditional Cob.  Great power really showed at full pace and again, the mane and feet with flowing hair really amplified energy and speed.  Both had hair that was clipped diagonally from the neck and body and gave a wonderful two tone contrast.

Philip Moran Horse Photography Equine Photographer Philip Moran

Next weekend is off to Hertfordshire to shoot a Conamara and two Arab’s that I am looking forward to already.

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